Making It Montreal Exhibit Two wrap-up

Exhibit Two was a great success! Click here to see a Montreal Gazette report on the exhibit.

And here are some photos taken from the vernissage of Making It Montreal Exhibit Two, at Galérie V/ Shaika Café, July 6, 2010. (Graphic by Kirsten McCrea.)

Making It Montreal

Click on first photo to see slideshow.

Brave souls sitting on the Shaika Café terrasse during the worst of the heat wave (luckily it was air conditioned inside!)

Early on during the vernissage.

Participating artist Kirsten McCrea next to some of the art.

A closer look at the works (Television by Kirsten McCrea, and Graham Hall's painting of local hockey legend Doug Harvey, who coincidentally grew up and lived not far from this gallery!).

The back wall, painting by Naledi Jackson in the center, between two portaits by Graham Hall.

Two paintings by Dan Buller.

Three paintings by Kirsten McCrea (with Graham Hall's Doug Harvey again.)

Two photos by Nikol Mikus.

The panel discussion featuring (from left to right at back) artists Graham Hall, Kirsten McCrea and moderator Louis Rastelli. Transcipt of the discussion will be posted in this blog soon. (Photo by Jenny Schade, previous photos by Louis Rastelli.)