Making It Montreal: Music Discussion

As part of the Making It Montreal Music Discussion, we're posting some material on the topic in this post.

Music Discussion

Art by Kirsten McCrea, copyright 2010

Some thoughts in advance of the discussion, taken from Geoff Stahl's 2003 PHD thesis paper, "Crisis? What crisis? Anglophone music making in Montreal", which quotes a number of Anglophone musicians from the late 90s to 2003, most of whom are still working in music in Montreal.

"In Toronto, people want to succeed. People in Montreal accept that they won't. It's a choice... You won't get a lot of money or the big record contract. People are living a more accepted, more realistic existence here. It's low-key."

"Montreal appeals to me because it's isolated already. I like lower-expectation complex, so it's kind of like Canada reduced even more."

"Montreal has always had a weird scene for live music, and it has to do with the winter and the isolation. You're allowed to develop on your own, you play your own brand of weirdness..."

"...where you're in Swift Current or Trois Rivières or Sydney or Jasper: the poster saying your band's name and 'From Montreal' next to it means something."