Interview with Guy Rodgers of the Quebec English Language Arts Network

Not to be missed!! Making it Montreal interviews Guy Rodgers, Executive Director of the Quebec English Language Arts Network on the topic of organisations and resources for Anglophone artists in Quebec.

Active in Quebec's cultural milieu for almost 30 years, Rodgers has an almost unparalleled perspective on the evolution of Anglophone arts in this province. He was instrumental in creating many of the arts organisations serving Anglophone artists, such as the Quebec Drama Federation, the Quebec Writers' Federation and ELAN, and is an accomplished artist in his own right, having focused on developing large multimedia museum shows and other installations since the 1990s.

In other news, the recently completed Making It Montreal's Exhibit Two was a great success. Click here for a report about it in the Montreal Gazette, and watch this space for more information on the next events in this series in the coming weeks.